The best time to make an impact is now. Together, we can reduce emissions while bringing great value to our customers. Join us as we explore and innovate towards a new, eco-friendly future.


Who are we?

We are a young Montreal company whose goal is to help municipalities and commercial fleet managers reduce their carbon footprint. To do this, we are looking for talented people to develop and market electrification solutions to join us and reduce the dependence of maintenance works on fossil fuels. 

What you will do with us 

You will help us develop and commercialize our first product, the GamoX, a lithium battery mobile power unit for public works. 

Through this experience, you could participate or lead our market research efforts, technological watch, electromechanical assembly, development projects, supply chain management, online and offline promotion, and other administrative tasks.

We will work as a team to further your learning and to bring Gamotech to the next stage of development.

What we are looking for

Someone who wants to learn and is willing to put in the hours to master the unknown. 
Someone who is open to spend time on the shop floor and on the jobsite.
Someone who has a strong interest in electrification and reducing carbon emissions in our cities

Interested in working with us ?

Contact us! 

Our premises are located at 2980 rue Diab in Ville Saint-Laurent. 
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