Quiet. Electric. Sustainable.

Meet the Gamo-X, the trailer truck that started it all.

Available configurations

Truck Mounted

GamoX can be truck mounted

Trailer Mounted

Gamox can be mounted on a trailer


Gamox can be standalone and mounted on the back of a pickup

Clean and Multipurpose Power

For municipal and commercial work truck managers who need quiet power with zero-emission for their mobile maintenance works, the Gamo-X can provide hydraulic, pneumatic and electric power to all jobsite tools.

Eliminate Carbon Emissions

Municipalities and corporate fleets face a lot of pressure to cut down their carbon emissions. Using the Gamo-X to power maintenance activities is a quick win for our planet because it eliminates the need to keep trucks idling during daily immobile works. In fact, our calculations estimate that a municipal maintenance truck can save up to 300 tons of CO2 per year by switching to the Gamo-X to power jobsite tools.

Reduce Noise Levels

The Gamo-X reduces the noise around the work site to below the level required by municipalities. This reduction is possible because the truck engine can be switched off for the whole duration of works. In addition, the Gamo-X is encased in a soundproofed box. The insulation allows for better planning and communication around work sites, which in turn ensures the safety of both workers and residents.

Cut Fuel Costs

The Gamo-X can eliminate fuel costs for a whole day of work. Traditionally, the power required for jobsite tools comes from the work truck engine. A power take-off (PTO) converts the engine’s motion energy into electricity to power the subsystems necessary to drive the tools. This causes the truck to be in idling mode the whole day: consuming expensive fuel, generating loud noise, and polluting the atmosphere. The Gamo-X includes a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery pack that replaces PTOs and their associated fuel costs.

The Gamo-X makes sense!

Key benefits

The Gamox is a mobile power unit with low noise, zero-emission, zero fuel cost and low maintenance.

Key Features

32kwH storage capacity lithium battery

Storage Capacity

32.4 kWh 144V ou 70 kWh 144V Lithium Ion NMC Battery
6.5 kWh 12V 540Ah Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Battery

charge the GamoX on standard EV chargers

Charging Options

Level II using SAE J1772 standard EV charger (240V)
Slow charge using standard socket (120V)

pneumatic power outlet

Pneumatic Power

Up to 70 CFM at 150 psi

hydraulic power outlet

Hydraulic Power

8 GPM & 12 GPM circuits,
up to 2500 psi

electric power outlet

Electric Power

120VAC and 240VAC outlets with
4kW (continuous) & 12 kW (20s surge) single-phase power

water outlet

Water Outlet

4-6 L/min at 130 psi water outlet with 20 gallons tank
– Options available

engine DC booster

Engine Booster

User-selectable DC voltage output
Panel-mounted connections

optinal weldoing outlet

Welding Outlet

Panel-mounted connections for emergency stick-welding

Gamo-X, the clean and low cost power for the future work site.

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