We only have one planet.

And we have a responsibility to protect it. Don’t be afraid to act, now.


We are here to develop and commercialize systems that can reduce carbon emissions today for municipal and commercial fleets. 

We understand the budget pressure of our municipalities, so we constantly optimize our solutions to provide the best Total Ownership Cost on the market. 

We relentlessly develop our expertise in electrification and digitization through hiring, partnerships and mentorships. 


We aim to work hand in hand with the trucking industry to electrify all the auxiliary systems on maintenance, utility, vocational and specialty trucks in North America and beyond. 

We understand that the zero-emission trucks are in their infancy, so we will start with providing hybrid solutions that can cut carbon emissions and fuel consumption today.


We come to the table armed with the strong industry knowledge from our inventor, M.Alfred Baldassare. Alfred spent his whole career working in the construction and the maintenance of aqueducts and municipal water systems. Alfred also successfully set-up a business that manufactured mobile power units for municipal maintenance. 

Combining more than 50 years’ experience in the industry with our innovative executive team, we are bringing to life his dream of providing a zero-emission solution to the market and help municipalities become more sustainable.